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Province Lighting/Automation/Switching is a leading supplier of specialised SABS-approved, commercial, industrial and architectural lighting solutions.

Established in 1987 in Cape Town, our company has grown consistently in both reputation and stature, and we recently opened up two new leading edge outlets in Johannesburg and in Windhoek, Namibia. Both the Cape Town and Johannesburg outlets have state-of-the-art showrooms.

In addition to our lighting products we have our automation division. We offer an automated Building Management System (BMS), which is simple and personalised and, most importantly, allows homes and companies to maximise their energy savings.

With our dynamic, professional and progressive approach to business, Province Lighting/Automation/Switching is a unique and vibrant company which is totally dedicated to customer service. Our team has extensive expertise and knowledge and has worked on numerous and diverse lighting projects and large scale developments throughout South Africa and the greater African continent. We have serviced some of the biggest names in our industry and we will continue providing the best possible solutions to our clients.



Schneider Offices

Atrium Cove Lighting and Skylights Bathrooms Planters Facade

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Glide-Antiglare LED (PLED-SM5)

NEW - Glide-Antiglare surface mount LED

High Efficient Batten Luminaire for Retail and General Illumination

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NUD collection

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