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31 Aug



This light weight compact but accurate instrument takes the guesswork when calculating appliances power consumption. This is useful for estimating the amount of power your home uses during the day, and also helps you to calculate the amount of load power that you use in your home or office at any one time. You will be surprised to find which appliances are consuming the most electricity, and help you to plan to make their use more efficient, reducing your electricity bill.

The instrument can also be used to measure the total power consumption of any equipment you would wish to power by an alternative power source. With the constant threat of load shedding, this instrument makes the calculation far simpler. Simply power the required equipment through the power meter, and note the consumption. Now you have the size of the inverter or generator running consumption. No more over spending on oversized inverters and generators.

There is also a lamp kit available in which you can compare the power consumption of various types of lights, and see which lights give the most light for the lowest power consumption


  • Portable affordable power meter
  • Measures Volts , Amps, Frequency
  • Measures Power Factor, Watts
  • Auto calculation of yearly consumption based on selectable on hours per day
  • 3 pin plug with mains chord for in line measurement
  • Switched 3 pin socket to connect load
  • Easily measure power consumption of appliances


Contact: Arthur Fonseca for more information & price enquiries.

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