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Newsletter February 2019

12 Feb


As we move into 2019 we wish all our clients and associates a happy and meaningful year ahead. May it be a journey filled with new opportunities and exciting endeavours!

We at Province continue to form and build solid relationships with suppliers and partners and welcome joint ventures that generate synergy, growth and expansion. This enables us to optimise the performance of the holistic, leading edge lighting and automation solutions we supply and to meet the needs of our clients in the best possible manner.

In the second half of last year we formed a new partnership with Symion technology group. This move has enabled Symion to diversify while also opening up tremendous networking opportunities for Province and facilitating introductions to customers and markets that we did not have before. Now that we have formed this new relationship my role is to focus predominantly on strategy and development. There is more information on the partnership further on in this newsletter.

Another new relationship is that with Zennio. The Zennio KNX automation system enables us to offer a fantastic product well suited to the hotel and residential development market and has already been very successful with developers of large apartment buildings.

A further way in which Province is constantly evolving and growing is via expansion to more cities and towns in South Africa. In October last year we opened a new branch in Port Elizabeth and Durban is also soon to be on the Province map. We have broadened our footprint in the Nelspruit region, and recently were awarded two large projects there. These will take off this year and give us a strong foundation on which to build this market.

None of this would of course be possible without the hard work and dedication of the Province team of people who bring invaluable expertise to Province, our clients and the industry in which we work. Your contribution is without doubt highly appreciated.


Jurgen Chemelli


For further information please click on any of the links below for topics which are of interest to you.


Symion   |   Province Cape   |   Gauteng   |   Namibia
Automation   |   Hotel Verde In Zanzibar   |   Electric Blue
Solar Lighting   |   Social Social Responsibility



In mid-2018 commercial and industrial technology group, Symion, acquired an interest in Province. This strong partnership has opened significant opportunities to collaborate and combine our offerings, effort and expertise. It enables us to leverage Symion’s existing infrastructure in these new markets and expand our reach. It also broadens our scope in Africa and international markets.

The international expansion structure is being set up by Symion and other acquisition opportunities are being investigated for Province.

The collaboration has in particular been of benefit to the automation divisions of both ourselves and Symion. Symion is excited about the prospects and skill the Province team brings to the fold, which furthers its mission to be the leading provider of intelligent technology solutions for complex infrastructure and sites.

Campbell Smith, Project Engineer, has joined the Province/Symion group in order to put forward proper proposals for the retrofit and energy management markets. We will be offering full ROI calculations backed up by actual readings and measurements on site.


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Province Cape

Province, Cape, has over the past year been involved in the entire spectrum of lighting and automation projects ranging from numerous retail stores, restaurants, residential homes and developments through to hotels and Green-star rated commercial buildings.


Some of the projects are:

  • • Onyx Hotel

  • • Axis Apartments Century City

  • • Observatory Forensic Pathology Lab

  • • Durbanville Town Centre

  • • Scuderia House

  • • Kitwe Hotel & Conference Centre

Click to see more projects.

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Province, Gauteng, which has been in operation for four and a half years, continues to thrive and be involved in numerous commercial projects.


The most important projects in the last six months are:

  • • Multichoice retrofit project (in excess of 8000 luminaires)

  • • Full BMS in the new Skukuza Hotel in Kruger National Park

  • • New Menlyn Maine Apartment Block

  • • New Mercedes Showroom in Rivonia

  • • One on Whiteley at Melrose Arch

  • • 2 Pybus in Sandton

  • • Park Central Apartments in Rosebank

  • • Rosebank Link Offices in Rosebank

  • • Vincent Park Shopping Centre Revamp in East London

  • • 129 Rivonia in Sandton

Click to see more projects.

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With the acquisition of the Zumtobel / Thorn agency for Province we have access to high quality indoor and outdoor products. This outdoor range will open up many opportunities in Namibia’s harsh environment.

Furthermore, our Namibia office has been training key clients on the most efficient lighting trends and the latest Province product offerings and solutions. Our ongoing product development ensures our clients will have highly efficient and exciting products for future projects. This is integral to our key focus which is service and client relationships.


Key projects Namibia has been involved in in the past six months are:

  • • Hilton Garden Inn in Windhoek

  • • Wernhill Shopping Mall Revamp in Windhoek

  • • Gustav Voigt Shopping Mall Revamp in Windhoek

  • • New Namibia Police HQ in Windhoek

  • • New Standard Bank HQ in Windhoek

  • • Eros Manor Retirement Village in Windhoek

  • • Walvisbay Naval Base

  • • Seaflower Processing Plant in Walvisbay

Click to see more projects.

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We have completed multiple automation projects over the past year using Zennio products. These projects are diverse and range from hotels, penthouses, apartments, houses and villas to restaurants, gyms and even car dealerships.

The Zennio KNX automation solutions enable buildings to become ‘intelligent’. KNX is the standard for commercial and domestic building automation, and buildings equipped with this automation solution are high performance properties with top-notch efficiency, control and comfort, as well as reduced energy consumption.

We have just launched a new Zennio KNX catalogue which covers HVAC, multimedia, energy savers and access control, amongst other topics.

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Hotel Verde In Zanzibar

One of the biggest projects that our automation division completed last year is the new Hotel Verde in Zanzibar. The five-star hotel, commissioned by a Zanzibar businessman, fulfils his vision to establish a flagship hotel in the green technology sector.

The project was contracted to South African-based Verde Hotels. Province was responsible for installing the Building Management System (BMS) and lighting control systems. The BMS connects over 20 stand-alone systems and runs them at optimum efficiency. The automation is done by means of smart software that monitors and calculates requirements at any given time.

Province is proud to be involved in developing sustainable tourism at Zanzibar’s greenest hotel.

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Electric Blue

Early last year we purchased a 50% share in EB. Due to the strength of this relationship we have further acquired the balance of the shares making Province/Symion the sole owner. This enables us to locally make LED products to clients’ exact requirements and also extend our locally manufactured range to accommodate our needs.


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Solar Lighting

Our partnership with Rubicon brings to the Province table solar products and expertise. It highlights the increasing industry need for solar lighting and solutions. We have been able to learn from Rubicon’s experience and knowledge in the solar photovoltaic and battery market and ensure that our solar luminaires meet the highest standards and quality.


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Social development

We continue with our commitment to social responsibility which is integral to the Province value system. We are particularly pleased with the 2018 results obtained by Qinisile Dlamini who is studying a Diploma in Interior Design at the BHC school of design in Cape Town. We, in partnership with one of our customers, have contributed to her studies and all living expenses.

Additionally, we sponsor the studies and expenses of Lethabo Lekhetho, Relebohile Manoto and Megan Goliath from the National Institute of the Deaf and we wish them well this year!

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