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Verde Hotel Achieves Double Platinum

29 Jul


Verde Hotel makes it to the front page of the Cape Times!!!

 The Verde Hotel is today the words best green hotel, achieving double platinum US certification (LEED) Leadership in Energy & Environment Design and a 6 star rating.

Province Lighting Automation and Switching is extremely proud to have contributed towards this phenomenal benchmark.

Our Automation division   was born in 2007 and since then we have had a steady growth having installed our Province BMS System in various Green Buildings throughout the country.

Furthermore, we would like to congratulate our Engineering fraternity for constantly applying innovation and smart solutions within their designs.

Front of house lighting control- conventional dimming of LED’s in front of house + DALI sensors.

Here all Dali slave sensors were used for front of  house daylight harvesting, an EARTH HOUR scene was created and runs every Wednesday evenings. Scenes are automatically activated namely, breakfast, buffet lunch, dinning, etc.

Grow lights for the living wall are controlled in a way to simulate day and night for the indoor plants.

Door monitoring of fire doors – dry contacts Fault signals on scada

Fire System monitoring – Bacnet.  Shows fire detector status

We monitor all analogue values of the fire detectors, these analogue values indicate normal operation, fire detection and fault detection of the fire detector.

Domestic water meter- Pulse meter. Water meter logging

Water usage and savings calculated and compared to SANS and other average Cape Town Hotels and displayed on the green sustainability screen

Hot water circulation pumps                                      

Monitoring of pump trip and pump run status alarms.

SCADA visualizations is used for displaying the alarms

Pontos System monitoring- Fault signals on scada

The Grey water filtration system is used to capture shower water and recycled to be used to flush toilets.

Here we monitor all alarms and measure water consumption and send automatic reports.

Water conservation system monitoring- Dry contacts, pulse meter.

Fault signals on scada and Water meter logging, reporting is automatically and customised to client requirements

Sump pump monitoring- dry contacts. Fault signals on scada

High level alarms are displayed and managed via SCADA  system visualizations

Sewer Sump monitoring- Dry contacts. Fault signals on scada

High level alarms, common fault and pump trip.

Fresh Air ventilation – Modbus.

Monitoring via modbus, displayed on scada

Monitoring via Modbus protocol and interfacing to Caral Controllers, we see and display all faults, such as Dirty filters, air pressure, return air temperature.

Extraction Fan monitoring – modbus.

Monitoring via modbus, displayed on scada

Via Modbus protocol, variable speed drives are monitored like motor temperature and motor speed.

HVAC AGO (geothermal) monitoring – modbus. Monitoring via modbus, displayed on scada

The geothermal plant, is interfaced to via Modbus and here we monitor all the analogue values of, supply and return water temperatures, COP(Coefficient of performance), fault and reporting thereof.

During peak and off peak times, the system switches the Geothermal plant accordingly to maximize energy savings.

Lift monitoring – dry contacts. Fault signals on scada

Alarms, like the out of service, disturbance, fire and lift in motion are monitored and displayed on the SCADA system.

Wind Turbine Power – modbus. Modbus to wind power meter

We measure, store the power generated and the system calculates in Rand terms…

Wattage and Amperage are monitored and displayed.

Photovoltaic system monitoring – modbus. Monitoring via modbus, displayed on scada

Total UPS Power, battery power, PV power, inverter utilization %, PV utilization %, system status, total power export and inport.

Via MLT Karoo controller using Modbus, we

Solar irradiance monitoring – Modbus. Monitoring via modbus, displayed on scada

Via Modbus we use these values to PV generation LOW and PV irradiance LOW alarms

Generator monitoring – modbus. Monitoring via modbus, displayed on scada

Here we interface to a deepsea controller to monitor and display the Gen voltage, mains voltage, battery voltage, generator load, engine speed and generator mode.

Electrical power meters monitoring x 11 – modbus. Energy management logging via Modbus

We monitor all Phase voltages, phase current, PSUM instantaneous KW, SUM instantaneous KVA, KWH total import, VAH total and import max demand KVA. These values are logged on to our energy management for reporting purposes and calculating energy costs and savings.

Property management system – FIAS. Interface to Protel for discount posting if FCU’s not used

Via FIAS protocol we post discounts to the protel system and motivate clients to save energy within their own hotel bedrooms.

The client will then receive a token, “in house currency VERDINO”.

Server cabinet status – modbus. Monitoring via modbus, displayed on scada

Monitoring Temperature, door status and humidity with alarm displays and reporting.

Cold rooms   x3 – dry contact. Fault signals on scada

High temperature alarms

HVAC Distribution (150 rooms) – modbus.

Monitoring via modbus, displayed on scada. Room FCU usage    

monitored for discount in PMS if not used

Temperature, fan coil usage and set points including  fan coil alarm code ERROR are all flagged on the SCADA and reported automatically.

Refrigerant Leak and CO high alarm

 These alarms are displayed on or SCADA

RAID Database – sql. Database for energy management and status logging

Scada (+-40 pages) – atvise. Scada visualization

All data is logged in the database and can be automatically extracted via customized reports that can be created by the user and distributed to various recipients.


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