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Province Lighting Expands

04 Dec


November 2014 

Province Lighting/Automation/Switching expands

Province Lighting/Automation/Switching has expanded and recently opened up two new cutting edge outlets, one in Johannesburg and another in Windhoek, Namibia. 

The company, a leading supplier of specialised SABS-approved, commercial, industrial, retail and architectural lighting solutions, takes a dynamic and progressive approach to business.  It was established in 1987 in Cape Town, and since then has grown consistently in both reputation and stature.

The new Johannesburg outlet focuses on the commercial, industrial and retail sectors of the market.  The objective of opening this outlet is to enable Province to broaden its customer base and enhance its customer service, in response to increasing consumer demand throughout South Africa for the company’s products, solutions and services.  

“This move will extend the company’s experience, knowledge and expertise, built up over many years, to the Johannesburg market and nation-wide,” says Jurgen Chemelli, Managing Director of Province.  “Our team has worked on numerous and diverse lighting projects and large scale developments and we have serviced some of the biggest names in our industry.  We remain totally dedicated to service and to providing the best possible solutions to our customers.”  

The Johannesburg outlet, which provides the latest in lighting and automation technology, has a state-of-the-art showroom and a well equipped presentation room for face-to-face, focused interaction.  

“The wide range of latest technology products enables each lighting solution to be tailor-made to meet each customer’s specific needs,” continues Chemelli.

The focus of the showroom is on light-emitting diode (LED) in its various applications.  This can in particular be seen in a specifically designed unit showing LEDs’ different colours and intensities, as well as profiles and ceiling/bulkhead details.  

In addition to lighting products, Province has an automation division.  This offers an automated Building Management System (BMS), which is simple and personalised and, most importantly, allows homes and companies to maximise their energy savings.      

The Johannesburg outlet’s showroom is fully automated.  The automation parameters are:

DALI lighting control

Power consumption and energy management

Remote log-in to external buildingse

Monitoring and reporting on the above

Alarm interaction

Audiovisual control

“The showroom is equipped with various interfaces so that customers can view all the energy management facilities the company offers,” explains Chemelli.  

Province has been involved in both lighting and automation of many Green buildings across South Africa and in the rest of Africa. 

The purpose of the new outlet in Windhoek is to extend the footprint of Province into Africa.  The offices and fully equipped stores there are up and running.  The company has already taken on business and projects in the greater African continent.  

Province’s Johannesburg outlet will be officially launched in February 2015.  A variety of events and talks will then be held throughout the course of the year.  If you would like to be added to the mailing list please e-mail


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tel: (021) 464 4661 


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